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Lanfranchi Group è un’azienda leader nel settore dell’imbottigliamento.
Dal 1980 creiamo e progettiamo linee adatte ad ogni tipologia di contenitore plastico.

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Transport systems


Table-Top Conveyors

Lanfranchi table-top conveyor belts are designed for high speed handling of all types of containers with maximum accuracy. The flexibility required for creating the layout of more complex lines is made possible by the concept of modularity, that Lanfranchi table -top conveyor belts are conceived and built with. This modularity allows for quick installation. With the Lanfranchi modular concept, integration into existing lines comes naturally.

  • Modern yet functional design.
  • Main structure of conveyor belt made of stainless steel.
  • The type of chain and/or belt is optimised based on container type
  • The side containment guides, designed to prevent damage to containers and labels, are built with AISI 304 stainless steel and high density polyethylene contact profile.
  • Guide position can be adjusted manually or automatically.
  • The standard height of the work surface can be adjusted by ±50 mm by the feet.
  • The electric conduit is available in various types and integrates perfectly into the main structure.
  • The silicone or water-based dry lubrication system is available as an optional.
  • For empty cans transport, twist systems are available to rotate the container, magnetic transfers and magnetic or pad elevators / lowerators.
  • Upper covering of conveyor belt available in several versions.

Over time Lanfranchi has developed optimised software for the management of flows dedicated to every type of container. Lanfranchi Engineering Team designs automatic lines optimized for every need.


Elevator / Lowerator

Thanks to the elevator or lowerator, the containers are conveyed with considerable changes in height, reducing the footprint to a minimum. According to the physical and morphological nature of the containers, Lanfranchi offers a broad range of elevators and lowerators:

  • Pad gripper elevators/lowerators
  • Aspirated/pneumatic elevators/lowerators
  • Magnetic elevators/lowerators
  • Helical elevators/lowerators
  • Steep ramp elevators/lowerators

For every type of application, thanks to their specialised multi-year experience the Lanfranchi team and offer the best solution.

Dynamic Accumulation Table

According to the characteristics of the product being handled, Lanfranchi offers a broad range of accumulation tables. The design takes into account system needs and Customer specifications.
The following types of accumulation tables are available:

  • No pressure multi-row “FIFO” accumulation table, The containers flow freely during normal production. When a slowdown happens, the containers start accumulating on the multi-lane conveyor without pressing against each other. This application is particularly suited for delicate and costly products.
  • Standard “FIFO” accumulation table, the containers flow freely during normal production. When a slow-down happens, the containers start accumulating on the accumulation table, lining up with the aid of specific guides.
  • Two-way accumulation table, this solution is helpful when the product temporarily stops flowing and temporary container storage is necessary. When the blockage happens, the programmed guide deviates the containers from the main conveyor on the two-way accumulation table.
    The reverse happens when the downstream blockage is resolved and the containers are sent from the accumulation table to the main conveyor belt. The accumulation logic in the case is LIFO and accumulation occurs randomly.
  • The Rotary table accumulation system is composed of a steel disc, which rotates by a gearmotor complete with variator, to synchronise rotation speed with feed belt speed.

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