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Lanfranchi Group è un’azienda leader nel settore dell’imbottigliamento.
Dal 1980 creiamo e progettiamo linee adatte ad ogni tipologia di contenitore plastico.

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Air Rinser

Air Rinser provides an efficient container air cleaning system. Lanfranchi proposes two Air Rinser models: rotary and linear. Both are available as stand alone or combined with the unscrambler.

We are particularly attentive to customer needs who, because of the products being filled, cannot rinse the containers with liquids. This is what Air Rinser was created for.

Air Rinser directly feeds a strong jet of air into the container, exploiting the feature of high penetration of the Lanfranchi injection system. As the air flows out, it carries the impurities with it.

The version with under bottle neck suction is available, obtaining even more superior cleaning results.
The Lanfranchi Air Rinser is also available with fixed nozzle.

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Containers, carried by a Table Top belt, are picked up by two rubber-coated belts driven by a chain that turned over the containers with its movement. Once they are overturned, ionised air is blown into the containers to avoid electrostatic charges and to prevent the accumulation of particles and dust. Then, following the movement of the chain, the containers are then uprighted and carried to the next conveyor belt.



One of the main hygiene problems with plastic containers is posed by the electrostatic charge that develops in the containers due to rubbing in the storage systems, in the uprighters and on the conveyors.

The magnetic attraction conducted on the possible pollutants (dust, paper fragments, plastic particles, etc) makes it difficult to remove them with compressed air as the sanitising fluid.

The Lanfranchi Air Rinser solution consists in ionising the compressed air directly into the injector nozzles. This hugely increases the sanitisation efficacy in comparison to traditional systems that distribute ionised air simply as the containers travel along the line.

The under bottle neck suction system is generally recommended in these applications.