Lanfranchi Group

Lanfranchi Group è un’azienda leader nel settore dell’imbottigliamento.
Dal 1980 creiamo e progettiamo linee adatte ad ogni tipologia di contenitore plastico.

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Lanfranchi Group

ECO L’s versatility

Our mission is to bring on the market customized solutions for the motion, storage and re-ordering of any kind of container.

Our strenght is not only our deep knowledge of all machines, but also our experience and know-how in the design of the line and in the precise management of each project.

The equipments are studied and designed according to the specific needs of the customers and in line with the requests of the market, by offering high quality standards.

In 2021 our ECO L unscrambler has been sold to clients pertaining to different market sectors and it has been able to fully satisfy their production needs.

Normally, this machine is intended for the unscrambling of bottles or plastic containers and it is appreciated mainly in cosmetic, detergents, food & beverage and pharma market for its ability of gently handling the managed product. This year, thanks to its flexibility and by introducing some small modifications to the original project, we’ve been able to handle extremely delicate products such as reels destined for the textile sector.