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Lanfranchi Group è un’azienda leader nel settore dell’imbottigliamento.
Dal 1980 creiamo e progettiamo linee adatte ad ogni tipologia di contenitore plastico.

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Lanfranchi offers a variety of conveyor systems that allow us to meet every need and ensure gentle handling of containers.

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Our Solutions

Air conveyor belts

Lanfranchi is able to transport PET or HDPE bottles at high speeds ensuring high efficiencies. All the components (curves, assemblies, dividers, etc.) have been designed with the aim of maximising the efficiency of the line. The Lanfranchi air conveyor belt is available in three versions:


recommended for soft drinks, edible oils and detergents.


recommended for water, juice and any other application for which the air that comes into contact with the bottle neck is treated with higher grade of filtration than the Basic version.

Ultra Clean

with this type of conveyor belt we are able to guarantee our customers that transferring containers from the blow moulding machine or from the unscrambler will not increase the bacteriological load inside the containers. A special system for air recirculation allows to recover and filter the air over and over helping to extend drastically the life of the filters.

Air conveyor

Over time, Lanfranchi has developed optimised software for the management of flows dedicated to each single container and, more importantly, has created a system called ASC, Automatic Speed Control (patented), whereby the change in fan speed is controlled automatically and differentiated based on the area where the conveyor is operating (blow moulding machine room, connection tunnel, filling room, etc.).
We can confirm that with the ASC system we have succeeded in combining and therefore controlling various factors that affect conveyor speed, such as room temperature, level of ambient humidity and the blower process that can vary over time.
Lanfranchi is also able to precisely detect the positions that container jams can occur in, but especially with JRS (Jamming Resolution System (patented), it is possible to resolve the jam and make container feeding automatically start back up again to the filler.

Lanfranchi can provide various systems for body and neck guide format change:

Manual body and neck guide format change

this application is only provided when format changes are not frequent, when the line is limited in length and the access areas to the conveyor belt are easy to reach for the operators.

Infinity universal automatic format change

through the use of a single body guide for each side of the chamber, the Lanfranchi Infinity adjustable series is certainly the most flexible, accurate, repetitive and clean solution available on the market. Adding a new container format is as simple as pressing a button on the operator panel. Each guide is connected to a series of stepper motors equipped with encoders that move the guides horizontally and vertically, searching the best position for the specific format of the container. Particularly important and effective is the accuracy of the positioning obtained with the Infinity neck guides when it is necessary to process more than 2 neck sizes or when the thickness of the bottle neck is particularly reduced, a situation that can occur very frequently due to the lighter weight of PET bottles.

Pneumatic body and neck guide format change

recommended for most applications. Body and neck guides move in fixed and pre-determined positions through the use of pneumatic micro-cylinders. This effective solution has limitations, however, when the formats being processed are numerous and especially with neck format change requiring high precision.

The Lanfranchi air conveyor belt is characterised by its modern design while also being functional.
The electric conduit is available in various types and integrates perfectly into the main structure. There are numerous accessories that complete the air conveyor belt product. The levels of filtration that can be supplied are three:

Standard 95% gravimetric

Expanded 95% gravimetric + HEPA filter H10

High efficiency 95% gravimetric / intermediate F7 / HEPA H13

Pivot sections make it possible to adjust the infeed height to the fillers or to the labelling machines if the height of the container being processed varies.

The automatic brake is a device used to regulate the flow of bottles along the conveyor. It can be either single or double.

The single brake is installed before the intermediate dump gate. By opening or closing the plates you give time to the dump gate to open or close as needed. The double brake is installed before the divider-combiner. By opening or closing the plates it prevents the containers from flowing towards the divider-combiner while the latter is still moving. Both systems form trains of containers to create a smoother flow of movement along the line. The motors are controlled through the use of frequency variators that can be installed directly on the fan motor or inside the electrical panel. Numerous container speed sonar sensors linked together with profibus network make it possible to monitor line operation in real time.

Pneumatic conveyor

Lanfranchi pneumatic conveyor systems are robust and provide efficient results in handling empty plastic containers of different types: from PP to HDPE. Pneumatic conveyor systems are made of steel but the PVC tube version is also available which requires low maintenance.

Large Pipe

This product carries containers or rejects for long distances effectively and efficiently. The containers move through the pipe without hitting each other, thereby guaranteeing container integrity. The large diameter pipe can be installed externally, offering simple and effective logistic solutions. The minimum power installed refers to the distances that can be covered with a single fan.

Pneumatic bottle conveyor

This version of pneumatic conveyor uses pipes with smaller diameters compared to the previous version. The system allows the insertion of flow dividers up to six lanes, offering the customer greater flexibility of use.


Table-top conveyor belts

The Lanfranchi range of products for the handling of empty plastic containers also includes conveyor belts with suction and without suction. The main advantages of Lanfranchi conveyor belts are:

Main structure of conveyor belt made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel vacuum chamber separated from the conveyor belt frame to guarantee a better vacuum level along the whole length of the conveyor.

Connections between vacuum chamber and conveyor fitted with butterfly valves so that the vacuum level in the bottle collection tracts can be adjusted.

Ventilator for vacuum generation fitted inside an insulated and soundproofed steel casing.

Upper covering of conveyor belt available in several versions.

The belt vacuum units are completed with a wide range of accessories with which it is possible, for example, to obtain divisions from one to several rows or to increase the cleanliness features of the conveyor. Also for this type of conveyor, automation has been greatly refined so that, for example, the vacuum levels can be set and checked according to the different sizes to be processed. Both the conveyor belt frame and the vacuum chamber underneath are made of stainless steel.
Various types of conveyor belt covering are available: from the upper dust cover to a complete casing.
The suction fan is housed inside soundproofed casing. By using the butterfly valves inserted in the connections between vacuum chamber and conveyor belt, zones with different vacuum levels can be defined, such as in the collection tracts, for example. All the components of the table-top conveyor belts (alongside conveyor sections, the bends and the separators) are also available for the vacuum conveyor belts.
The chains of the vacuum conveyor belt are perforated according to the type of container being handled.


Bulk conveyor belts

Our bulk conveyors have been developed in order to reach the excellence in the handling of the containers and are destined to handling of the containers before the unscrambler.

The numerous customisations provide, for example, the possibility of using plastic nets or rubberised belts.

The hoppers can be increased and motorised to create micro accumulations of different sizes directly on the line. A dirt protection cover can be installed on request. Automation has also been optimised for this type of conveyor. For many people, a bulk conveyor belt is just a coarse conveyor. For Lanfranchi is a fundamental element of the lines of its Customers.

The structure of the conveyor belts and the possibility of combining covers, make Lanfranchi belts particularly “clean”. Even the hoppers, which are designed to optimise container handling, can be covered. The edges of the conveyor can be opened for easy access inside the conveyor belt and thereby simplify cleaning and special maintenance activities.


Elevator or lowerator

Thanks to the elevator or lowerator, the containers are conveyed with considerable changes in height, reducing the footprint to a minimum. According to the physical and morphological nature of the containers, Lanfranchi offers a broad range of elevators and lowerators:

Pad gripper elevators/lowerators

Aspirated/pneumatic elevators/lowerators

Magnetic elevators/lowerators

Helical elevators/lowerators

Steep ramp elevators/lowerators

For every type of application, thanks to their specialised multi-year experience the Lanfranchi team and offer the best solution.

Elevator & Lowerator