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Lanfranchi Group è un’azienda leader nel settore dell’imbottigliamento.
Dal 1980 creiamo e progettiamo linee adatte ad ogni tipologia di contenitore plastico.

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Blow moulding machine

Linear blow moulding machines are able to produce small (0.25lt) and large bottles (40lt) also including wide neck containers on the same machine.

Lanfranchi linear blow moulding machines produce standard and customised containers with special shapes, maintaining high production speeds.

At Lanfranchi a dedicated department supports customers, offering the service of bottle and preform design, and developing containers and industrial sampling.

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Our Solutions

Lanfranchi’s specialised laboratory completes the product qualification test, according to the mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics.

Completely electric machine: all the movements connected to the work process are carried out by brushless motors. The blow moulding machine is oil free.

Precise insertion of the preform into the spindle: continuous preform feeding system. The preform is inserted into the spindle is a controlled manner, preventing the machine from stopping due to poor preform quality. Quick change system (included in the product) for different neck diameters.

Efficient and user friendly: easy and fast regulation of the machine. Fast change over of the customised parts, such as mould change. The maintenance operations are facilitated and safe thanks to the complete accessibility to all vital parts of the machine.

Dedicated tooling for blow moulding air stabilisation: special tanks installed near the machine to optimise the blow moulding process and to recover the blow moulding air are part of the standard configuration.

Flexibility during blow moulding: Blow moulding cavities can work separately or simultaneously to maximise flexibility of the blow moulding process.

Remote process monitoring: The machines are equipped with remote control via ADSL line for simple monitoring and, if required, guided technical assistance interventions.


Lanfranchi manufactures 5 customizable standard platforms to produce containers from small sizes up to 40L.

The machines are equipped with quick change systems that allow you to change models, including neck diameter, quickly and easily while maintaining production efficiency.

Our machines can blow standard bottles, special shapes and containers with blown handle insertion and post blowing. In other words, containers of multiple shapes for a wide range of applications.

Lanfranchi linear blow moulding machines can be equipped with special tooling to produce the following range for special bottles:

oval and long neck bottles

oriented neck finish bottles

heat set bottles

blown handle bottles (TecHandle)