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Lanfranchi Group è un’azienda leader nel settore dell’imbottigliamento.
Dal 1980 creiamo e progettiamo linee adatte ad ogni tipologia di contenitore plastico.

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On license of Colines

AllWrapper is the perfect system for optimising the packaging of bottles, cans, jars, large bottles, jerry cans, various containers or bags.

AllWrapper introduces significant innovations onto the market that make it possible to drastically reduce the consumption of energy, that do not require a shrink wrap tunnel and reduce the required amount of plastic by 50%.

There are already biodegradable plastic stretch films available on the market that have been successfully tested with AllWrapper. An additional step towards Sustainability.

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Our Solutions

Low speed: LS

Suitable for every type of container, the LS orbital wrapping machine works with completely automatic cycles.

Operator intervention is only required for reel change. The cutting unit is integrated into the wrapping module.

The main advantages are:

Broad range of containers can be processed: bottles, cans, jars, pans, dispensers, boxes ... of the most diverse materials: plastic, metal, paper, cardboard, glass.

Customer-chosen pack matrix.

Production speed: 12/24 packs/min.

By combining two ALLWRAPPER units you achieve complete wrapping around the pack so as to fully prevent product contamination (ex. dust).