Mario and Alessio Lanfranchi offer a defibrillator to Collecchio baseball

Another good news. First the boy suffering sudden cardiac arrest, got finally better, then the decision of Lanfranchi company, and especially of Mario and Alessio, the owners of the company, to offer a defibrillator to Collecchio Baseball Club, to be kept on site.

Mario and Alessio, were in the past two excellent players (as pitchers) of Collecchio Baseball Club. Mario played from 1984 to 1988, while Alessio from 1993 to 1998. Now they both have children and for this reason they were particularly affected by what happened to the young boy.
“It happened in the field where we had played for years, and the boy has the same age of our children.
So we have understood the importance to have a defibrillator available to save the players’ life. For this reason we have decided to help the society in the purchase of this important primary emergency tool”.
Mario and Alessio, and the management of Collecchio Baseball Club, will go to the local Volonteer Assistance of Collecchio, where they will be explained which is the best model and the courses necessary to attend in order to be able to use the defibrillator in the right way.
At Collecchio baseball site everybody was impressed by this great act of generosity of Lanfranchi company.

“At the beginning we were simply surprised says Carlo Levati, the President- then we have understood that Mario and Alessio are our great friends and they had inherited the human qualities of their father Lino”.
Lino Lanfranchi died on the 12th December 2009 and is still remembered with emotion by Collecchio Baseball Club, Pallavolo Collecchio, that every year plays an important pre-session tournament in his name and all the voluntary section of Collecchio, such as the local nursing home for the elderly, Il Colle, A.VO.PRO.Ri.T for his great support.