Thanks to the sense of excellence and the continuous research of the best technologies for the customers, Lanfranchi can stand out in the international market with advanced and state-of-the-art solutions.
It is in this spirit that the company has accepted and won the challenge presented by the new customer Light Weight Containers: it is a Dutch company leader in the market of the production of Keg for beer, wines and spirits.
Lanfranchi will produce two linear blowing machines model LJ1, capable of handling 20 lt and 30 lt preforms, with a speed of 400 bph. The particularity of this project is the fact that, with the purchase of these two machines, the customer will produce a Keg consisting of one internal preform and one external. This revolutionary system, called "Key Keg", has been invented by Light Weight Containers and it preserves the quality and the duration of the beverages. It is already used in around 180 countries around the world, proving to be an efficient and innovative solution for the beverages producers.

In addition to the linear blowing machines above mentioned, Lanfranchi' scope of supply is composed of: two preforms dumpers (one of them Soft-Tip), one cooling chiller connected to both machines, elevators conveyors and tabletop conveyors at the exit for both machines. The study of the containers and the design of the molds will be followed by our branch Innovation Plastic Containers.