Probably it was a secret passion for unscrambling to get Lanfranchi on the road of machines manufacturing, we don’t know exactly, but it has really become one of the few big companies in the industry field with excellent growth rates.

Lanfranchi is leader in the project and manufacturing of complete solutions to handle empty plastic bottles and containers.
Lanfranchi was established in 1980 by Mr. Lino Lanfranchi and the first unscrambler for PET bottles with helix system is manufactured in 1989. This is the first step that leads the company to the worldwide leadership in the production of unscramblers for empty plastic bottles, a real “bridge” to connect the blowing-machine and the filler.
Manufacturing and project of new machines are the actual main points of excellence of the company that is also able to supply a complete engineering and a reliable and efficient after-sales service.

Our engineers are able to define specific standard both for the quality of the service than for the components offered.
The equipments are studied and designed according to the specific requests of each customer, in the respect of the high standard of quality offered by Lanfranchi and in line with the requests of the market.

A staff of 110 employees with a group of skilled engineers and workers work in an area of 30.000 m2 to offer a complete turnkey solution between blowing and filling machines.